Our Gasket Products range includes the following:

  • Custom designed die cutting to backing.
  • Laminated rolls and sheet with PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive).
  • Precision roll slicing to desired dimensions.
  • High-speed, high volume rotary die cutting.
  • Continuous roll splitting to tight thickness tolerances.
  • Custom Sheet splitting to various thicknesses.

  • Continuous rolls supplied in Spools of various width.

We certify all material we sell, and we sell only what we can certify

Our material souring team takes extreme pride in souring superior quality raw material and we never settle for low quality substitutes.
A list of our converting line is as follows:
Solid rubber
Cellular Material for versatile applications.

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Die Cut Gaskets

Our State of the art Rotary Press is equipped to produce die cut gaskets ( Kiss cut on continuous rolls ) to adhesive backing removing the excess material on line. This high profile gaskets increases efficiencies in labor and time to our end users.


  • Custom split sheets and Rolls to precision tolerances

  • Continuous sliced rolls supplied in larger spools